Different Ways Of Learning Piano

Learning to play the piano can be a rewarding experience for students of all ages, but it can also be difficult to know how to go about it. Should you take lessons at home, with a private instructor at their studio, or should you just buy some books and try to teach yourself? All of these methods can work, but there are some ways to determine what might work best for your learning style.

In Home Lessons

For many students, having me come to their home for a lesson is the best way to learn piano. Being at home can make you feel comfortable when learning something new, which can be intimidating for many people, especially young children and adults learning to play later in life. By hosting the lesson at your house, you may feel more at ease than at a rehearsal studio. Of course, you’ll need a working piano or keyboard with weighted keys and proper pedals. If possible, have your piano tuned before you start lessons. In-home lessons also cut down on your travel time if you have a busy schedule full of school, work or family responsibilities.

Studio Lessons

Starting studio lessons with a qualified teacher like me is often the best way to learn piano. Students of all ages can benefit from studio teaching sessions, and many find that working in a studio environment instead of in their home is more productive since the phone won’t be ringing and there won’t be any distractions to take away from your lesson. Studio lessons also ensure that you’re playing on a well-tuned, properly maintained piano, which will help with your ear training and feel for the keyboard and foot pedals.

Proper Instruction Manuals

Adults and teens with no musical training may find that the best way to learn piano is by starting with basic instruction manuals that will teach you things like the note names, where they fall on the keyboard and how to play a basic scale. Once you feel comfortable sitting at the piano and doing those basic things it might be best to hire a teacher that can help you progress. Hiring a teacher can make learning much faster. After all, there are some things you just can’t learn out of a book!

Online Lessons

Another great way to learn piano is online. As I mentioned in my previous post I will try to go through couple of different online piano programs. So far I have had time for Rocket Piano and I have to say it seems great if the time and also finances are an issue. I know it’s not the cheapest to hire me or any other qualified piano teachers so paying for an online course might be the best way to go. I will report back in my next post with findings about Rocket Piano and whether it is worth the time.

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