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Hey everyone.

Welcome to my review of RocketPiano.com – online piano lessons. As I have been playing piano for the last 25 years or so I was quite intrigued to find out what the best way to learn piano is these days and whether this has changed since I was a beginner almost thirty years ago. When I first started at the tender age of 7 we had no internet or computers at home, so it was my parents who had to put quite a lot of money into my studies. Also, taking me to these lessons wasn’t easy as we had no car so it was quite a commitment from my parents to make sure I got to lessons on time. I have completed more than one piano exam as you can imagine, and I have also played in different school and local orchestras which I have really enjoyed.

About 6 years ago I decided to start giving piano lessons. I started advertising in local newspapers and up to now I have taught about 400 beginners to play piano. I’d like to think of myself as an intermediate piano player so I feel I can give you my honest and unbiased opinion on whether Rocket Piano is the best way to learn piano or should you stick with your local piano teacher. So I hope you value my experience as an experienced piano player and read about my findings.

If these online piano lessons really work, then I guess we have to thank the computer age because it is a lot cheaper and you don’t have to spend that much time travelling to your piano lessons. But let’s see first if an online course can really substitute for having the physical presence of a teacher next to you while learning the piano.

There are a few well known online piano teaching products available, but I chose Rocket Piano as the product review because after spending few hours on these different sites this one really stood out for me. Remember, I was looking for the best way to learn piano, so nothing but only the best is good for my readers. One of the main things about learning piano is not to pick up any bad habits while learning piano online, so I will try to give an answer to that as well.

I’ve worked hard to go through everything Rocket Piano has to offer and I will give a full review of it, plus a couple of my own tips for getting the most out of piano lessons. I’m also planning to start with a piano tips newsletter where you have to sign up in order to receive some free samples and lessons from me. Additionally, as time goes by I will add more content to my site so you will have access to Videos, Chords, Sheets etc. Please also join my Facebook and Pinterest pages so you will get notified straight away about any updates.

If there is anything you’d like to ask then please contact me.

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